Speak Like a Manager: Stop Saying GET!

As a leader, the way you communicate with your staff is a key part of the job. Your words often have a direct impact on motivation, productivity, and morale. As such, it’s important to remember that many of the words you use can have a positive or negative connotation.

One word that many managers use too often is “get”. This word can come across as bossy and demanding, and can lead to employees feeling overwhelmed and demotivated.

When used too much, “get” can also create feelings of frustration and lack of control for employees, who may feel ordered around. This can lead to lower morale, more staff turnover and a less productive workplace.

So, what can a manager do instead of using “get”? Here are a few alternatives:

• Request: Requesting something instead of ordering employees to get it can lead to a more positive conversation and better understanding.

• Explain: Use words that convey your message in a way that makes employees feel like they are truly part of a team.

• Empower: Make it clear that you expect employees to take responsibility and take ownership of tasks.

• Negotiate: Leaders should always strive to negotiate a solution that works for both the team and the workplace.

• Ask: Asking employees for their opinion and input shows respect and trust, which will create a more cohesive and motivated environment.

In summary, the way that managers communicate with their staff is of vital importance to their success. By avoiding the use of “get” and exploring alternatives that cultivate a better team environment, managers can create a work environment that encourages productivity and engagement.​