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Peace and Conflict Resolution Committee

This committee will be responsible for promoting peace and understanding among the various socio-cultural and ethnic groups within Senegal and immigrants in the US. The team will work on advancing initiatives that address issues of discrimination, prejudice, and conflict, while fostering harmonious coexistence. The committee should meet monthly to discuss progress and strategize on new initiatives.

Scholarship Grants Committee

The responsibility of this committee will be to manage the scholarship grant system. They will review applications, select qualified candidates and monitor the progress of the beneficiaries. They will also seek out new funding opportunities to augment scholarship offerings. Meetings will be conducted bi-monthly to keep pace with scholarship cycles and reviews.

Humanitarian Aid Committee

This committee will oversee the organization’s humanitarian assistance programs, assessing the needs of target communities, coordinating aid deliverance, ensuring the effective use of resources, and seeking partnerships with like-minded groups and entities. They would meet quarterly, with emergency meetings when necessitated by urgent humanitarian crises.

English Language Literacy Committee

Focused on promoting English language literacy, this committee will source, create and distribute English learning tools. They will also run programs and collaborate with schools and communities to enrich their language education framework. This committee could meet quarterly with occasional meetings for program revision and launch.

Immigrant Support Committee

This committee’s role will involve helping immigrants with settling down and assimilating into the new environment, advocating for their rights, and linking them to helpful resources. They will organize workshops, provide legal aid, and guide newcomers through complex situations such as job search, social services, and schooling, etc. This committee should meet monthly or sooner based on demand and necessity.

Social Justice Committee

This committee will be dedicated to upholding and promoting social justice both within the organization and in the broader community. They will work on campaigns to raise awareness about social, economic, and political inequalities, provide programs training young individuals in advocacy, and collaborate with other organizations doing similar work. It should meet on a bi-monthly basis or as often as necessary in response to arising social justice issues.

Artificial Intelligence and Technology Committee

Responsible for utilizing technology to support the organization's mission, members of this committee will focus on deploying and managing innovative tools, particularly around AI, to improve operations and program impacts. The team will also facilitate tech awareness and training initiatives for the organization's community. They will meet monthly, or more frequently as per technology-based project requirements.

Environmental Sustainability and Disaster Response Committee

This committee will champion environmental awareness and encourage eco-friendly practices within the organization and broader community. They will run projects tackling climate education and promoting green habits. Additionally, they will take the lead in coordinating disaster response and post-disaster sustainable recovery efforts in the event of an environmental crisis. Meetings will be held quarterly, with additional meet-ups during emergencies.

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