Interactive instruction is essential to develop student proficiency in speaking and performing authentic oral language tasks. Since its introduction in 2017, AE Live 16.3 has been proven to be one of the most successful platforms for providing and incorporating live-action interactive instruction into the ESL classroom. Its primary goal is to foster meaningful interactions between teachers and students, as well as to promote authentic language use speaking tasks.

The program offers a comprehensive set of ready-made online tasks and learning activities that are designed to actively engage and encourage student participation. The tasks focus on real-world language use and provide meaningful contextualized and communicative practice. Furthermore, they can be further customized to meet the specific needs of a student’s learning style.

Each task includes a variety of activities that are aimed at developing students’ communicative fluency. For example, the “Entrepreneur Challenge” task allows students to receive feedback on their progress as they work on developing their own business plan. Meanwhile, the “Green Planet” task has students creating their own sustainable products to help reduce waste. Other activities include discussion tasks, cultural comparisons, and role-plays.

The platform also includes an interactive whiteboard so that teachers can give real-time feedback to their students. This allows teachers to quickly and easily target areas of improvement, as well as provide the student with authentic language input. Furthermore, AE Live 16.3 also provides a variety of activities for teacher practice and development.

AE Live 16.3 is an easy-to-use platform that has revolutionized the way teachers communicate with their students. Its genuine, meaningful tasks foster authentic language use, enabling students to develop their overall language proficiency. As such, AE Live 16.3 serves as a powerful tool for both teachers and students alike in fostering meaningful language exercises.