The workplace can be a nerve-wracking environment. Interviews, in particular, can be quite challenging. But don’t let unfamiliar language stand in the way of acing your next job interview. That’s right, understanding common workplace idioms can go a long way in helping you make a positive impression.

Idioms are phrases that are not intended to be taken literally and mean something more than their literal definitions. Business-related idioms are commonly used in the workplace and often used in job interviews. Understanding what they mean can make you appear more knowledgeable and help you keep up with an interviewer’s line of questioning.

For example, “think outside the box” is an idiom used to describe thinking about a problem or situation from a non-traditional or non-standard perspective. An interviewer might use this idiom when asking a question about solving a complex problem, which could indicate a desire for creativity in the candidate.

Another widely used idiom is “burn the midnight oil”, which means to work late, often late into the night, to finish a task or project. If an interviewer asks if you’re comfortable working late, this could be a hint that you should highlight your willingness to put extra hours if needed.

Although some phrases can be difficult to understand, learning these expressions beforehand could give you an edge in a job interview. One way to become more familiar with workplace idioms is by reading up on commonly used phrases. Understanding the cultural context behind these idioms is also key to responding effectively to them.

Having a grasp of common workplace idioms can help to make an impression on an interviewer and show that you’re knowledgeable and up-to-date on business lingo. With some practice and by reading up on relevant phrases, you will be fully equipped to ace your next job interview.