Recently, the international English language learning organization, AE Live, held its 16.2 symposium with the motto “Save the Planet & Cultural Traditions While Teaching English”. This conference was held virtually in order to promote learning, collaboration, and ideas pertinent to the goal of equipping educators, learning professionals, and international laborers with the tools and techniques necessary to deliver quality English education and support the conservation of global cultures and traditions.

AE Live is an organization dedicated to creating an open, innovative platform for global language learning, creating mutual understanding and respect in bridging cultures and communities. For the 16.2 symposium, AE Live brought together a variety of speakers and professionals, ranging from professional educators to cultural professionals, to discuss how to save the planet and cultural traditions through teaching English. This two-day symposium included topics such as cultural innovation, localization of language education, promoting sustainability in learning, and training models for teaching English in multicultural contexts.

The 16.2 symposium provided an invaluable opportunity to dialogue and share ideas on strategic planning and development initiatives in which educators can play a role in the conservation of cultural heritage. Speakers noted discussions around cultural identity, the importance of language education, and strategies for developing English language teaching curriculums that integrate culture and conservation into the classroom.

In addition to insightful lectures and panel discussions, the AE Live 16.2 symposium also provided an excellent opportunity to foster professional connections through virtual networking activities and workshops. Educators, professionals, and policymakers had the opportunity to collaborate, discuss ideas, and form relationships with like-minded professionals with the goal of creating meaningful strategies for language education and cultural conservation.

All in all, AE Live 16.2 was a successful and inspiring symposium. The event was successful in meeting its goal of connecting educators, professionals, and leaders from around the world to discuss tools and strategies to save the planet and cultural traditions through teaching English. With the increasing importance of global education, AE Live 16.2 has laid the groundwork for continuing discussion on this topic and inspiring educators to think outside the box to develop meaningful language education curriculums.