In recent years, mysterious black rings have been appearing in sky all over the world, causing speculation and concern. From the United Kingdom to the United States, and even international sightings, these perplexing formations have baffled amateur skywatchers and internet sleuths alike.

So, what are those mysterious black rings? Theories range from scientific experiments to the illogical, such as alien portals or supernatural omens. Unfortunately, these theories are mostly speculation. The true nature of the rings remains unanswered.

The most plausible explanations come from the scientific community. It is believed that these circles may be formed by microburst events, or localized, intense winds that result in an outward rush of air. This outward blast then creates a vacuum that sucks in any dust, smoke, and aerosols from the environment.

In addition, other scientific theories point to a meteorological phenomenon known as a ‘foehn gap’. It occurs when a hot wind passes over mountain ranges, leaving a gap in the clouds that appears dark compared to its surroundings. Additionally, glaciologists suggest the rings could be caused by topography- aligned waves forming as air moves over mountainous terrain, which makes the clouds appear dark in the centre due to the vertical uplift.

In most cases, the source of these circles can be identified and the fears laid to rest. The out-of-the-ordinary nature of these formations has sparked a variety of theories, but no matter the cause, black rings are simply part of the ever-changing Earth’s skyline.