• Motivational​ – Motivationalize
• Thoughtful – ​Thoughtfulize
• Courageous – Courageousize
• Observation – Observationalize
• Enduring – Endurize
• Resourceful ⁢- Resourcefullize
• Adaptability – Adaptabilize
• ‌Leadership – Leadershippize
• Dependable – Dependabilize
• Collaborate – Collaborationalize If you’re wanting to increase your English vocabulary, then one of the ⁣best ways to​ do so is to learn to ⁢use suffixes. A suffix ⁣is a word element, added to the end of a base word, that changes the⁤ meaning of the base word.

For example, the base word​ ‘walk’ ⁢has the suffixes ‘-er’ and ⁣‘-ing’. When you add the suffix ‘-er’ to the⁢ word ‘walk’ it creates a new word, ‘walker’ ‍which means a person who is‍ walking. When you add ‘-ing’ to the ‍word ‘walk’ it creates a new word,⁤ ‘walking’ which is used to describe‌ the ‌act of ‍walking.⁢

These ⁤suffixes can be used⁤ to‌ make many ‍other words. For⁢ example,​ the suffix ‘-ful’ means ‘full of’​ so ⁢you could add ⁣it to the base word ‘hope’ to make the word ‘hopeful’ which means ‘full of hope’.⁤ Other helpful ‍suffixes include ‘-ism’ which ‌means ‘system’ or ‘doctrine’, ‘-able’ which means ‍‘can ‌be done’ and ‘-ment’ ⁣which means ‘action of’.

In order ⁣to get ​the ‌most out of learning suffixes, try to commit yourself to learning a few of them each day and keep them in your mind. If ⁣you can commit yourself to learning a few suffixes each⁢ day, you‌ will find that it becomes easier⁣ to use ‍those suffixes‍ to create ⁤new ⁤words and further⁤ increase your English vocabulary.

In addition to learning suffixes, you can also make use‍ of online resources. ⁤Try to ‌find websites that have lists of suffixes‍ and ⁤brief descriptions of the meanings of ​each ​one. For example, the Merriam-Websters website has a guide‍ to English language ⁢suffixes. You ⁤can also ​find websites where you can‌ practice using⁤ suffixes​ in context. ‍

By taking the time to learn ⁤and practice‍ using suffixes, you’ll be ⁢able to make great ⁣strides in ‌improving your English vocabulary. Remember to take‌ it slow at first and over time you’ll be able to use ‍suffixes with ease.

You ⁢have now added ⁤some interesting suffixes to your vocabulary and bolstered your ability to express yourself in‍ richer and ​more meaningful ⁣ways. With such a powerful tool ⁣at your disposal, ‌you ‌can reach your language ‌goals and discover new heights of expression and understanding.