Expand your English vocabulary with suffixes! Suffixes are the powerful endings that alter the meaning of a word. By understanding and correctly using suffixes, you can enhance your written and spoken communication. For example, by adding -tion you can change the verb ‘establish’ to the noun ‘establishment’ or attach -ly to ‘quick’ to make ‘quickly.’ Explore additional suffixes such as -ing to make ‘chanting’ from ‘chant’, -ence to change ‘depend’ to ‘dependence’ or -able to turn ‘convert’ into ‘convertible.’ Utilize these suffixes to deepen your understanding of words and create new meanings. Harness the power of suffixes, and make your English communications more rich and comprehensive. Are you looking to improve your vocabulary in English? By adding suffixes to existing words you can find more precise and descriptive words to enhance your conversations. Learning how to use suffixes to build new words is a great way to expand your vocabulary.

A suffix is a part of a word added to the end of the root which creates a new word with a different meaning. For example, adding “-ful” to the end of “care” creates “careful”. “-ly” to “tense” forms “tensely”. Both “careful” and “tensely” have meanings which are different than those of “care” and “tense”.

Common suffixes include “-ful”, “-less”, “-ly”, “-ment”, and “-ion.” For example, adding “-ful” to “help” forms “helpful”, adding “-less” forms “helpless”, adding “-ly” forms “helpfully”, adding “-ment” forms “helpment” and adding “-ion” forms “helplion”.

It is important to remember that not all word endings require a suffix to create a new word. Take for example “listen” and “listening”. When “-ing” is added to “listen”, it turns it into the verb form and implies an action.

Learning how to use suffixes will help you to improve your vocabulary and converse more accurately in English. Choosing the right suffix for the context can help to alter and add nuances to the original meaning, as well as adjust the structure of the sentence. With practice, you can learn which suffixes are appropriate for what context and situation.

So don’t be overwhelmed, by learning the different suffixes and how to use them you are well on your way to expanding your English vocabulary and speaking English confidently and accurately.

Expanding your vocabulary gives you the power to better understand the world around you. Harnessing the power of suffixes is one easy way to do just that. Simply remember the consistent rules, pay attention to context, and you’ll be expanding your vocabulary in no time.