Programs and Focus Areas

Empowering American Youth

A Project Citizen Initiative (16 yrs and above)

Project Citizen in the USA is an initiative that seeks to dive into the history, culture, and traditions of African Americans, while also educating newly arrived immigrants about important citizenship laws and principles. Resources and support are also made available to help these immigrants integrate into the American society.

Our Programs and Focus Areas

Focus Areas

African American History and Culture - From Africa to America

This module is an exploration of the rich history, culture, and traditions of African Americans, designed for ages 16 and above. It examines the diverse journey of African descendants, from their beginnings in Africa to their journeys to the United States and beyond. The module looks at the various discoveries, inventions, and positive contributions of African Americans in the shaping of American society and civilization as a whole. The module is an integral part of the larger Project Citizen USA, and is intended to enhance and foster pride and confidence in the African American community.

Welcome to America (New Immigrants)

This Welcome to America module is part of the Project Citizen in the USA initiative, and is designed to provide essential information and resources to newly arrived immigrants, aged 16 and above. This module focuses on introducing the basics of American Citizenship and familiarizing the participants with American laws and values. It also provides resources to help with their integration into American society, such as language training and job searching. This module is important in preparing immigrants for successful lives and education in the USA.

Citizenship Principles (New Immigrants)

This Citizenship Principles module, part of the Project Citizen in the USA program, is designed to teach newly arrived immigrants, aged 16 and above, about the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizens. Through this module, participants will gain the necessary knowledge to become active members of society and to engage in the civic process. This module is essential in creating a foundation of informed and engaged citizens in the USA.

Project Citizen USA (16 yrs and above)

Through the Project Citizen USA initiative, Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal seeks to educate and empower African Americans, teaching them about their culture and heritage and recognizing the discoveries, inventions, and positive change they have brought to civilization. There are workshops, webinars, conferences, and in the future, visits to African sites of historical importance such as Goree Island, in order to help participants explore the legacy of African Americans on a deeper level. This program additionally assists immigrants in assimilating to American society by introducing them to citizenship principles and laws, and relevant resources.

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