Programs and Focus Areas

Empowering Senegalese Youth

A Project Citizen Initiative (16 yrs and above)

Project Citizen in Senegal is geared towards educating young Senegalese individuals about citizenship and civic principles, encouraging them to identify problems within their community and work together to devise solutions.

Our Programs and Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Civic Principles

This Civic Principles module, part of the Project Citizen in Senegal program, is designed to teach young Senegalese individuals about the principles of responsible citizenship, democracy, and civil engagement. Through this module, students will be equiped with the necessary skills and knowledge to become active members of society. This module is vital in building a future of engaged and empowered Senegalese youth.

Problem Identification

This Problem Identification module, part of the Project Citizen in Senegal program, provides an opportunity for Senegalese youth to develop a critical and analytical eye to identify challenges in the community. Participants will work together to identify community issues and analyze them in order to form opinions and develop solutions. This module will foster a sense of responsibility and civic engagement among the youth, providing them with the necessary skills to become community advocates and agents of change.

Problem Solving

This Problem Solving module, part of the Project Citizen in Senegal program, will help foster student's ability to come up with creative and meaningful solutions to the issues and challenges they identify. Participants will learn how to think creatively, develop innovative ideas, and solve problems in a collaborative and effective manner. Through this module, Senegalese youth will gain the necessary skills to become active and engaged members of their community, empowering them to shape the social landscape of the future.

Project Citizen Senegal (16 yrs and above)

Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal is strongly committed to equipping the Senegalese youth with the necessary tools and knowledge to become agents of positive social change and responsible citizens. Through our Project Citizen Initiative, we are preparing the young people of Senegal to become community leaders and advocates of a better future.

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