The India-based upskilling platform, Disprz, has initiated an ambitious program aimed at enhancing the competency of the Saudi Arabian workforce. This strategic move aligns with Saudi Vision 2030, a plan by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to lessen their economic dependency on petroleum products by diversifying their economic sectors.

Disprz offers a comprehensive learning experience platform, equipped with AI-powered personalized learning paths, analytics, content authoring, and video conferencing capabilities. The platform has garnered corporate acclaim for its significant contribution to employees’ learning and development hence, increasing workforce productivity.

According to recent studies, as much as 60-70% of the jobs created in Saudi Arabia amid its rapid economic transformation are estimated to be significantly digitized in the upcoming years. This projection reflects the significance of digital skills in the country’s burgeoning labor market. To meet this digital literacy demand, Disprz plans on implementing a digitized learning environment for the Saudi workforce, thereby bridging the digital skills gap.

Subramanian Viswanathan, CEO and co-founder of Disprz believes that Saudi Arabia’s digital vision is an example for other countries to follow. He stated, “Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 acknowledges the digital literacy skills gap and is committed to addressing this challenge by diversifying its economy and promoting sectors like tourism and recreation. By providing the necessary digital skills training, we hope to contribute significantly to fulfilling this vision.”

Moreover, Disprz aims to collaborate with corporates in the region to customize workforce development programs. These programs are designed to acclimate employees with the latest technology and digital skills, hence catalyzing their adaptation to an ever-evolving digital environment.

The advent of the Disprz platform is a testament to Saudi’s progressive economic shift. Its close alignment with the country’s strategic plan makes its offering compelling and relevant. With its strong track record, Disprz is expected to provide a robust user engagement, thereby leading to greater productivity growth for companies and the nation as a whole.

This ambitious initiative by Disprz is being received positively by corporates in Saudi Arabia. Many believe this would extensively help in transitioning from an oil-dependent economy to a more diverse one. The decision of Disprz to upskill the Saudi workforce signifies a broader strategic partnership between Indian IT sectors and Saudi Arabia and further strengthens the ties between the two nations.

In conclusion, the transition to a digital economy is inevitable and nations across the globe are taking necessary measures to ensure that their workforce is technologically adept. By leveraging advanced technologies like AI, Disprz aims to deliver a digital literacy program that plays a substantial role in Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification. This initiative is not just about addressing the skills gap, but also about aligning with the future of work