How to Deal With Anger


When anger takes over, it can be difficult to understand and manage. We can end up feeling out of control and lose our ability to think rationally and make good decisions. It is important to learn effective ways of dealing with anger so it doesn’t become a destructive force in our lives.

Steps to Controlling Anger


    • Take a Time Out: When feeling angry, it’s a good idea to remove yourself from the situation if possible. Taking time to calm down gives you a chance to clear your head, put things into perspective, and assess what has made you angry.


    • Breathe and Relax: After taking some time for yourself, focus on your own level of arousal by trying to slowly breathe in and out. This will help to regulate your emotions and give you a better chance of being able to manage your anger.


    • Looking for Solutions: After taking the time to calm down, it’s a good idea to look for a solution that can address the situation more effectively. Consider options and consequences that can help put an end to the situation and solve the problem.


    • Find Support: When it feels like anger is too much to handle alone, seeking guidance and support from family and friends can be helpful. Talking through your feelings can help you to make sense of your emotions, and figure out healthy ways of dealing with them.




Anger can be a very powerful emotion, but with the right strategies it can be managed in healthy and constructive ways. By following the steps outlined above, it is possible to better understand and manage your emotions and make sure that anger does not become a destructive force in your life.