Save Lake Retba (Senegal’s Pink Lake)

Dear fellow advocates for the environment, We urgently call your attention to the ecological crisis facing Lake Retba in Senegal. This natural wonder, also known as the Pink Lake, is one of the few salt lakes on earth with a unique pink hue. The breathtaking color comes from a high concentration of salt supporting a specific type of bacteria. Unfortunately, the lake is under grave threat from human activities that have altered its saline content and introduced pollution. The construction of pipelines leading floodwaters to the lake during flooding has drastically depleted its salt content, while industries in Senegal have disposed of waste in the lake, causing further harm to the ecosystem. The delicate balance of Lake Retba's ecosystem is in peril due to several factors, including water scarcity and soil erosion. The livelihoods of local fishermen and salt harvesters who rely on this natural resource are in jeopardy. Failure to take immediate action to preserve Lake Retba will lead to the extinction of flora and fauna unique to this saline-rich environment. We, the undersigned environmental activists, call upon authorities and advocates worldwide to take urgent steps to protect Lake Retba from pollution, depletion, and degradation. We urge everyone to sign the petition supporting efforts to rescue this natural wonder before it's too late. Let us unite in support of preserving Lake Retba and the livelihoods of the local peoples and wildlife dependent upon it. Join us today in signing the petition to amplify our collective voice for the preservation of the Pink Lake of Senegal. Thank you.

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Save Lake Retba (Senegal’s Pink Lake)

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