Technological advancements continue to make headlines in unusual ways. This time, the focus shifts to the English Premier League, where the managers of all 20 clubs have been given a peculiarly playful makeover. However, this nip and tuck haven’t been administered by a human hand, but rather by cutting-edge artificial intelligence software. The AI model hilariously turned all Premier League managers into picture-perfect ‘Ken dolls’, the plastic counterpart of the world-famous Barbie doll.

Perhaps the most remarkable transformation was that of Erik ten Hag, the celebrated Dutch manager of Ajax, who has been making waves recently with his team’s success. The reputable coach was rendered absolutely unrecognizable with a shining blonde ‘Barbie hairdo’.

Artificial intelligence technology was used to administer the ‘Ken doll’ treatment to the Premier League managers. The process involved feeding images of the managers into a machine learning model which was trained to transform human features into those of a classic ‘Ken’ doll.

Erik ten Hag’s transformation caused a particular stir online. The Dutch manager’s characteristic features, notably his ginger hair and square jaw, were replaced by the lush blonde locks typical of the doll’s hairdo and a rather softer jawline. The transformation was so dramatic that many viewers struggled to identify the Dutch manager.

The ‘Ken doll’ experiment is the latest in a series of creative uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology within the popular culture landscape. The technology utilised is similar to that which powered DeepArt’s AI-powered artists, which revolutionised the art world by letting users turn photos into unique artworks.

Fundamentally, this project points out the potential of artificial intelligence in reshaping our perception of reality. The way in which AI can transform a known face into an entirely unrecognized persona emphasizes its scope and potential when it comes to manipulating images.

The premier league manager ‘Ken doll’ makeover, despite all its hilarity, serves as a strong testament to the vast capabilities of artificial intelligence. As AI development continues to evolve at a rapid pace, more possibilities are being explored beyond the conventional scopes of automation and data processing.

The AI ‘Ken doll’ experiment provides an entertaining respite while reminding us of the transformative power of modern technologies. And as for Erik ten Hag, this fun episode may serve as a reminder that, in the world of artificial intelligence, there’s always room for a little light-hearted fun, even amidst the intense pressure of the Premier League