1. Melodize ‍- to make something musical
2. Sophisticate – to make⁣ something⁣ more sophisticated
3. Maximize – to achieve the greatest possible result
4. Humanize ‌- to make something more humane​ and compassionate
5. Harmonize – to bring something into a state of harmony
6. Idealize – to make something ‌perfect or ideal
7. ‌Patronize – to treat someone as if‌ they were ‍inferior
8. ‍Opacify – to ​make something opaque⁤ or difficult to understand
9. Glamorize – to ‍make ⁤something appear more glamorous
10. Normalize – to make something more normal​ than⁤ it originally ​is Improve​ Your Vocabulary With Suffixes

Are you tired of using the ​same words over⁣ and over again? Do you ⁣want to sound more sophisticated and proficient in English? If⁢ so,‌ it’s‍ time to enhance your ​vocabulary with ‍the use of suffixes!

Suffixes are word ​parts that are⁤ added⁣ to the end of a ⁣base ‍word to create a new⁣ word with a different ‍meaning. By mastering suffixes, you can‍ easily expand your vocabulary and express yourself more effectively in various contexts.

One⁢ common suffix is “-ful.” This suffix​ is added to nouns and turns them into ⁤adjectives meaning “full‌ of”⁤ or “having ⁤the qualities of.” For example, by⁢ adding ⁣”-ful” to⁣ the base⁤ word⁤ “joy,” you get​ “joyful,” meaning full of joy. Likewise, adding “-ful” to ⁢”use” ​results in “useful,” meaning something that is helpful or capable of being used.

Another ⁢frequently used suffix is ⁣”-less.” It is‍ added to⁣ nouns, and the resulting ⁢word means “without”⁤ or “lacking.” For instance,‍ by adding‍ “-less” to “hope,” you create “hopeless,” describing⁤ a situation devoid of hope. Similarly, “careless” is⁤ formed ​when “-less” is added to “care,” indicating a lack of attention or ‍concern.

The suffix “-ly” is another valuable⁢ tool for expanding your vocabulary. This⁣ suffix is attached ‌to adjectives, ⁣turning them into⁤ adverbs that‌ indicate how‌ something is done. For example, “quick” ‍becomes “quickly,” describing the speed‌ of an ⁤action. ‍Likewise, ‌”careful” ​becomes ⁤”carefully,” expressing the manner in which​ something is done.

Additionally, the⁤ suffix‍ “-able”⁤ is commonly used to ⁤create adjectives meaning “capable of” or‍ “able to be.”⁤ By adding ‍”-able” ⁢to the base word “read,” you create “readable,” suggesting that something is easy to ‍read or comprehend. Similarly, “comfort” becomes “comfortable,” indicating something is pleasant or cozy to use.

Lastly, we have the suffix “-ment.” This⁣ suffix is attached to verbs and transforms them into nouns. For instance, by adding “-ment” to the verb “develop,” you form ‍”development,” referring to the process of becoming more advanced or refined. Likewise, ‌”improve” ⁤becomes “improvement,” ​indicating progress or⁣ enhancement.

By ⁣familiarizing yourself with⁣ these common suffixes, you can easily improve your vocabulary and add depth to your English expressions. Remember to pay attention to‍ the base words‌ as ⁤well, as understanding their meanings will ⁢help you decipher the new words formed by adding the respective suffixes.

To strengthen your⁤ vocabulary,​ practice using ⁢suffixes in your daily conversations⁢ and written ⁣expressions. ‍Challenge ‍yourself ⁢to find words ⁣with suffixes while reading or listening to ⁣English content. In doing⁣ so, you will gradually expand your word bank and improve ⁢your overall language⁤ skills.

So, don’t​ miss ‌out on the opportunity to enhance your vocabulary with the power of suffixes. Incorporate them into your daily learning routine, and soon enough, you will be a master of words, expressing yourself​ with finesse and confidence.

Adding ‍to your vocabulary with suffixes is like unlocking a vault ​of knowledge. Imagine ⁤that each letter in each word⁢ you learn⁤ with ⁤a suffix adds to an ​impressive creative and intellectual ‍construction. Each time you add a suffix to a word,⁤ you build ⁢up​ your vocabulary and ‍knowledge and become more confident in ‍your writing‍ and ​speaking. Now you‌ can explore ⁣more complex topics that leave a stronger impression and can bring more beauty, depth, meaning, and life to your words.⁣