​Experience ​the Prefix Power⁢ and expand your vocabulary with these new words!

1. Repercussion – a ​consequence or ⁢result, typically one that is unwelcome.

2. ​Revitalize – ⁣to make⁣ someone‌ or something vigorous and full of energy again. ‍

3. ​Redundant – unnecessary‍ and⁢ not needed ⁢because ⁤something else is already doing the job.

4. Reconnoiter – to search an area‌ in order to gain information; recon.

5. Relinquish – to voluntarily cease ⁤to keep or claim; to ⁤give up.

6.⁤ Recharge –⁢ to restore​ energy, ​strength, or⁢ motivation.

7. ‌Remittance – the sending of ⁢money to ​a⁤ distant place.

8. ​Rigorous – extremely demanding‍ or⁢ thorough⁤ in⁣ standards ‍of accuracy and control.

9. Reiterate – to ‍say or​ do‍ something again,⁣ often to emphasize‌ a point‌ or feeling.

10. Refurbish – to make something​ look⁤ or work ‌as‍ nearly​ new. Improve Your Vocabulary With ‌Suffixes

Are you struggling to expand⁤ your English vocabulary? Are you ⁤tired of using ⁢the same words repeatedly⁢ in your conversations or writing? ‌Look no further! In this article, we will explore​ how you can enhance ⁣your ​vocabulary by incorporating suffixes into ‍your everyday ‌language.

A suffix​ is a ‍word part that is attached to the end of a base word ‌to change its meaning. By⁢ identifying⁤ and understanding ⁢common suffixes, you can unlock a plethora of new words and their meanings. Let’s dive‌ into some frequently used‌ suffixes and their meanings:

1. -able/-ible: This suffix means​ “capable ⁢of” or “worthy of.” For‌ example,‌ adding “able”‌ to the base word “read” ​gives us “readable,” ‌meaning something that can⁤ be read. Similarly, adding “ible” to⁣ “digest” ​creates “digestible,” indicating that something can be⁢ easily digested. By learning this ⁢suffix,​ you ⁢can form adjectives that⁢ describe the qualities of various nouns.

2. -ist: This suffix refers ⁣to a person who practices a⁤ particular action or follows a⁢ specific doctrine. For ​instance, “pianist” describes a person who plays the piano, while “environmentalist” ‌indicates ⁤someone who⁣ is concerned about the environment.⁣ By understanding this ⁣suffix, you ‍can identify individuals associated ‌with different fields‍ or beliefs.

3. -ful: ⁣This suffix⁢ expresses abundance ​or ‍the presence of something. Adding “ful” to⁢ “wonder” creates “wonderful,”​ meaning full ‌of​ wonder or awe. ⁢Similarly, ⁢attaching it to⁣ “care” forms “careful,” indicating​ the presence of caution. By⁣ mastering ⁤this ⁢suffix, you⁤ can describe things that possess certain qualities​ or provide an abundance of something.

4. -less: This suffix denotes the absence or ⁣lack of something. For‌ example,‍ adding “less” to‌ “fear”⁣ creates‍ “fearless,” meaning without fear. Likewise, “homeless” refers to​ someone without a home. By⁣ recognizing this suffix, you ⁣can describe the⁣ absence or negation of a‌ particular attribute or⁣ condition.

5. ⁢-ness: This suffix indicates a state or quality of‍ something. For instance, “sadness” describes ​the ⁤state⁣ of being sad, and “kindness” ​represents the quality⁢ of being‌ kind. By ​familiarizing yourself ‌with ‍this suffix, you​ can express various states or⁤ qualities related to different emotions or characteristics.

By incorporating these suffixes, and many others, into ‍your vocabulary, ‌you can ​enrich⁣ your language skills ‍and‍ convey your thoughts ⁣with precision. Practice using ​suffixes by⁢ forming new ‌words ‍and incorporating them ‌into your daily ​conversations or written work. Additionally, make use of⁤ online resources,​ dictionaries, ⁢and vocabulary exercises that focus ‌on suffixes to further strengthen your‍ understanding.

Remember, building a strong ‍vocabulary takes time and​ consistent effort. Take small steps each day, explore different ⁢word formations, and embrace the world ‌of suffixes to amplify your⁤ English language proficiency. So, why⁤ wait? Start harnessing the power of ‍suffixes today ⁢and witness the ⁣magical transformation it brings ⁤to​ your vocabulary!

The ​wonderful thing about learning is that there’s ‍no wrong way to go about it.‌ Prefix power is just one of‌ many incredible tools available to you to⁣ enrich your ⁤mental bank⁢ and build ‌a powerful vocabulary. ⁢Let your skills grow and expand with​ every new⁣ prefix ​you ⁣learn and excitedly ‍explore the fruits they bear!