Grow your word bank with suffixes! Adding suffixes to a word is a great way to add more meaning and understanding to your work. By adding suffixes such as -able, -ment, -ness and -ion to the end of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, you can create powerful and expressive words! For example, by adding -ment to the end of the verb “teach”, you can create the noun “teachment” which means teaching with enjoyment, or a fun and enjoyable way of teaching. Try it today and watch your wordbank grow with interesting and creative words! Are you looking to improve your English vocabulary, but don’t know where to start? Using suffixes is a great way to expand your vocabulary. A suffix is a word ending that can be added to a root word to change its meaning. Here are some of the most common suffixes with examples to help you improve your English vocabulary.

-able/-ible: This suffix is added to adjectives and verbs to make them into nouns. Adjectives that end in –able/-ible often describe something that you can do or experience.


Adjective: comfortable
Noun Suffix: -able
Noun: comfortableness

Verb: explain
Noun Suffix: -ible
Noun: explainable

-er/-or: This suffix changes a verb into a noun, often referring to a person who does an action.


Verb: create
Noun Suffix: -er
Noun: creator

Verb: inspect
Noun Suffix: -or
Noun: inspector

-ment: This suffix is used to change verbs into nouns, often referring to an instance or action of the verb.


Verb: educate
Noun Suffix: -ment
Noun: education

Verb: increase
Noun Suffix: -ment
Noun: increment

-ness: This suffix is used to add a feeling or quality to an adjective, turning it into a noun.


Adjective: happy
Noun Suffix: -ness
Noun: happiness

Adjective: peaceful
Noun Suffix: -ness
Noun: peacefulness

Learning and practicing suffixes are a great way to increase your English vocabulary. Using these four suffixes with example words,try adding them to other words you already know, or ones you are learning for the first time. Have fun and happy learning!

Learning how to employ and understand suffixes is not only invaluable for English language learners, but it is also a great tool for all language enthusiasts to recognize how the English language is developing and changing. With the addition of suffixes, your word bank can quickly grow and expand with a larger valuable vocabulary!