Africa is an amazing continent that is full of life, wonder and mystery. It is home to a wide variety of cultures, languages and wildlife. One of the most interesting facets of Africa is American Sign Language (ASL). Here are some interesting facts about ASL in Africa for kids.

1. African American Sign Language is the only indigenous form of ASL used on the continent of Africa. This means that it has been developed, passed down and maintained without the aid of foreign influences.

2. Unlike other forms of ASL, African American Sign Language is not standardized. Each region and country has its own unique dialect.

3. ASL in Africa is used more broadly than in other areas of the world. Rather than just being used by deaf people, African ASL is often used in public settings, such as in conversations between family members, friends or business associates.

4. ASL in Africa is used to tell stories and throw jokes. This is especially true in areas where hearing people are not around, such as remote villages.

5. Although ASL in Africa is not standardized, it is still recognized by the World Federation of Sign Language Interpreters and is used in international organizations.

6. Research suggests that African ASL is becoming increasingly influential across other countries and continents. From the United States to Europe, ASL interpreters are now hired more frequently due to the popularity of African ASL.

There is so much that can be learned and discovered through the world of African ASL! It is a valuable language that many people across Africa and other parts of the world use to communicate with one another.