Volunteering in Senegal

If you are passionate about making a meaningfulĀ  impact in someone’s life, then consider volunteering with Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal.

Whether you teach English, French, STEM,Ā  or join the Child Protection Committee (CPC), provide counselingĀ  to LGBTQ youth in Senegal, you will make a difference in the life of people in Senegal.

Senegal is a French-Speaking country. Our English as a Second Language learning program will provide the Senegalese youth the ability to read, write, and speak English as well as comprehend the spoken language.

If you possess the skillsĀ  and are passionate about teaching English, Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal would love to hear from you.

STEM volunteers assist with Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal’s STEM program.

Volunteers help support and foster literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and encourage students to pursue careers in STEM.

We are currently in need of:

  • Science Volunteers
  • Technology Volunteers
  • Engineering Volunteers
  • Mathematics Volunteers

Join CYLABOK, the LGBTQ team of counselor to provide counseling and support to the LGBTQ community in Senegal.

Some of the areas we provide counseling and support for include depression, HIV testing, anxiety, relationships, substance abuse and coming out support.

Counseling sessions are conducted in

  • Wolof
  • French
  • Fulani
  • Serere
  • English

Join the Child Protection Committee (CPC) and defend the rights of children in Senegal

As a CPC agent you will work undercover toĀ  investigate, document, file a human rights violation complaint and/or notify the Senegalese police of any cases of suspected child abuse, forced begging or neglect.

Contact us at the form below and let us know how you can help