The victim feared he’d lose his job because of the quarantine period

A 42-year-old Asian man, infected with Covid-19, ended his life by jumping from the Al Rawda Bridge in Ajman in front of his wife.

According to a top official, the tragic incident occurred on Thursday night. The operation room received a call from the wife as well as from some members of the public. A team of officers rushed to the spot, but unfortunately, could not save the man.

During investigations, the victim’s wife told the police that her husband was infected with Covid-19. It was the fifth day of his isolation and he wearing a quarantine wrist band. The husband worked in a private company.

The wife said that man, ignored her advice and ventured out. They then got into their vehicle and drove off. He stopped the car on Al Rawda Bridge, got out of the vehicle and said goodbye to her. He advised her to take care of the children and jumped from the top of the bridge.

She told the police that the illness had caused him severe anxiety. He used to think about death and feared he’d lose his job because of the quarantine period. He was also worried that it would affect his financial situation.

Afkar Abdullah