JOHANNESBURG – South African Airways employees have been left in limbo for nearly a year.

The airline has been in business rescue since March last year and workers have still not been paid their voluntary severance packages.

Many of them have had to sell their houses and find other jobs.

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SAA workers have been given an option of either retrenchment or voluntary severance packages.

Those who asked for severance packages were promised their payouts by the end of January.

Now, they’ve been told it will be paid in two parts, with the first part only expected on 12 February.

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Workers have expressed their distress in an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, calling for an intervention.

They say life has been very difficult.

Some SAA workers have been hospitalised and others are giving up on the process completely.

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At the same time, pilots have been excluded from the payment expected this month.

This is linked to a lockout imposed on them after the SAA Pilots Association refused to accept the new terms and conditions.

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The Public Enterprises Department expects the airline to be out of business rescue by the end of this month.

But it’s not clear when SAA will fly again because it currently has no aircraft. 

– eNCA’s Heidi Giokos reports.