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Rising Against Forced Child Begging In Senegal Project

“It is high time that we all rise against Forced Child Begging in Senegal.
These are horrifying and inhuman treatments that children are being subjected to every single day! ”

Natty Ndate BEYE
Founder of Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal


The program rising against forced child begging in Senegal was established to protect the rights of children in Senegal. The program has two main components; the Child Protection Committee (CPS) and the Emergency Talibe Shelter (ETS)


Members of the Child Protection Committee (CPC) are tasked to investigate, document, file a human rights violation complaint and/or notify the Senegalese police of any cases of suspected child abuse, forced begging or neglect.


The Emergency Talibe Shelter (ETS) provides short-term supportive housing for up to 30 youth ages 5-19 every night for a period of 90 days
The Emergency Talibe Shelter (ETS) is designed to meet the immediate needs of homeless Child Beggars or “Talibe” and to equip them with the tools they need to grow into healthy, independent adults.
After 90 days, they can remain enrolled until our case managers locate a stable alternative living arrangement.

It’s time to make the move

Since August 2019, CPC has notified 11 cases of suspected child abuse to Dakar Police and filed one (1) Human Rights violation complaint with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal’s Child Protection Committee (CPC) currently has 13 members who operate undercover, for their own safety reasons.

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In Support of  the Emergency Talibe Shelter (ETS) AND the Child Protection Committee (CPS)