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United For Our Children

In June 2019, Human Rights Watch reported that more than 100,000 children in Senegal are forced to beg daily for money, food, rice or sugar. Human Rights Watch also documented 61 cases of beatings or physical abuse against talibés in 2017 and 2018, deaths of 16 talibé children due to abuse or neglect, 15 cases of actual or attempted rape or sexual abuse, and 14 cases of children imprisoned, tied or chained in daaras.

*Talibe is a word used in Senegal to refer to child beggars.

A Place To Learn

Without classrooms, Children in Senegal are forced to study under trees, in all weather. For communities who have schools, those are often  unstable and lack the resources to thrive, leaving children helpless and unable to learn.

This program provides children in Senegal with access to well-built schools where they can further their education.

Classroom Resources

Without desks, children of Senegal are either forced to sit four on a bench meant for two students, or sit on the floor. This can impede on their ability to focus and learn.

Schools in rural area of Senegal also struggle with access to school supplies such as textbooks, notebooks, pen and chalks. This makes it very hard for children to learn or follow what the teacher is saying,


STEM CENTER SENEGAL aims to nurture early-stage scientists in Senegal and prepare the youth in the Fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.