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Rita DeMontis

It’s Mother’s Day. Photo by Sviatlana Barchan /Getty Images Mother’s Day 2021 has to be just about the most challenging day of celebration on record.

For starters — we’re all being told to stay away from the very person we’re being encouraged to commemorate — mom! Talk about taxing.

Well, we can thank COVID-19 for this — Mother’s Day joins the club, so to speak, of cancelled events, like  Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, concerts, weddings … you get the picture.

And we do get it — the very person you want to party with needs to be kept safe from the pandemic, or just ask anyone who has lost their mom to this insidious virus.

But don’t think for a moment your mom — or the person who you recognize as your mom — doesn’t notice. A recent Washington Post story notes a Kaiser Family Foundation survey that reveals 69% of mothers said they’ve experienced adverse health effects from the stress and worry of the pandemic. So, if anyone needs to be recognized during this COVID-19 period it would be a mom.

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It’s a given we really need to do something unique for this beloved person, especially if that person has been isolated and hasn’t seen family for months.

What can we do? Well, plenty to be honest.

The Washington Post story suggests all sorts of cool things, liking perhaps booking a weekend away at a local hotel when things open up, buying her un-Mom gifts (enough with the mugs!) and the obligatory card (if you can find a place that’ll sell you one right now).

We’ve assembled our own list of surprises that not only take into account pandemic restrictions but we’re sure will put a smile on your mom’s face:

— Mom has a dog? Surprise her by cleaning up all the winter crap her beloved four-legged friend has deposited on the property.

— Car in the driveway? Wash it! Let mom wake up to a nicely detailed vehicle. If you have access to the keys, go fill up the tank for her.

— If your mom has relatives in another country, make arrangements for a call, or a zoom. Get people to send video messages. Priceless.

— Does she have a garage? Let her wake up on Mother’s Day to the comforting sounds of stuff being cleaned out and organized. Organize all the recycling bins as well.

— Mom’s favourite food? Make arrangements to have it delivered — not just for the day, but for a  couple of weeks. Ditto favourite wines and spirits.

— If you live with your mom – get lunch ready. And leave your phones, iPads and everything else you’re glued to locked up. Give her your undivided attention.

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— Fill her home with her favourite music.

— Leave special notes around for her to discover.

— Give her the gift of gratitude. When was the last time you thanked her, or offered words of appreciation for all she has done, and has been through?

— Make her laugh. Tell her something hilarious that’ll bring on the feel-good endorphins that are so good for you.

— About that card? Make one — it may cost next-to-nothing, but in the eyes of your mom, it will be  priceless.

— Lastly — tell your mom you love her. Sounds easy, but for many, such an expression may be difficult, too emotional to share. Well — just say it. Say it in passing. Shout it out from across the street. Get the neighbours gossiping.

If you can’t — make a big sign, ring her doorbell and hold it up.

She’ll never forget this pandemic  Mother’s Day ever.

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