As Twitchy reported earlier, Vanity Fair is out with an 11,000-word bombshell on the Wuhan lab-leak theory, with interviews with more than 40 people. Four former State Department officials, for example, said “they were repeatedly advised not to open a ‘Pandora’s box’” by investigating the lab-leak theory, while others were warned not to pursue an investigation into the origin of COVID-19 because it would “open a can of worms.”

Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll has read the piece and can’t overlook the role that TDS played in suppressing the lab-leak hypothesis.

Reading the Vanity Fair story and a bunch of things jump out at me just concerning the mythology of early 2020.

Many in establishment and corporate media have been blaming Trump for their own efforts to suppress lab leak hypothesis.

It’s odd. It reads like TDS.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

Do your fucking brains shut off when Trump talks? Does the sound of his voice negate all ability to reason?

Trump’s “racism” in this case was just a reactionary response to wider media and elite institutions adopting Pro China postures and Chinese propaganda wholesale.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

When every major institution is saying, you’re not allowed to say the virus came from China because it’s racist — within earshot of Chinese operatives saying the exact same thing — well obviously Donald Trump of all people is going to call it “China virus.”

The response here …

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

Should not ever literally be: Well we were just being reactionary because Trump was reactionary to us propagating Chinese talking points.

How obscene and bile inducing.

We were immature and irrational and incapable of higher brain thought because TRUMP … is the story?

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

Remember when Chinese state media floated the idea that the U.S. Army had brought the coronavirus to Wuhan?

It’s just sick. It’s a sickness. That first before treading in touchy areas you must render genuflection to the all god TDS, else find yourself put out of polite society.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

Why in the world would the president saying the US has intel it came from a lab — which it did! — be “bomb throwing”?

Terrible that Asian people were under assault, I’m both not excusing that behavior and not excusing its use as a justification to annihilate open inquiry.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

Let’s be perfectly honest: The media, elite & govt institutions did not want the inquiry because it would take focus off of Trump in an election yr

When China called it “racist,” they played all of you goddamn fools (You think China gives a fuck about “racism”? Holy shit, guys).

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

They also didn’t want it — as Vanity Fair and others have covered well since coming out of the TDS daze — because the trail led back to Dr. Fauci and Co!

The NIH, Dept of State, and other Americans and American institutions are implicated!

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

So, please, dear god … stop with this “racist Trump prevented us” nonsense. You had your reasons, China handed them to you, Trump reacted. There was no higher benevolence here. It was deliberate, stifling and oppressive and it cost us a ton of time.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

This really is just the worst kind of elitist negging.

This guy asked a question — perhaps he wasn’t entirely accurate — but the thrust of his inquiry was literally A YEAR ahead of Vanity Fair.

How do they refer to that moment? In the most condescending way possible.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

The reaction should rather be embarrassment and contrition. Not self righteousness. At the very least, if someone that far beneath your capacity was on the right trail a year before you, the least you’d demonstrate is a degree of humility.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

1Meanwhile, as we’re yelling about imaginary reasons for why we failed as an industry to piece together publicly available information on the world’s most pressing mystery, we note something major for which Trump IS TO BLAME, but do so in such muted tones that it might go missed.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

2. The WHO mission was in part — large part — a failure because Trump was too busy insisting he won an election that he did not win.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

They literally cannot help themselves but to neg, condescend and insinuate racism for everything they don’t discover themselves. There is nothing “alt right” about the idea that the PLA might be weaponizing viruses. The DoD has run war games on that assumption.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

“An alt-right conspiracy theory.”

*sigh* such a predictable equation

Guys, everyone who disagrees with your orthodoxy, whether its lab leak or economic policy … does not require implications that they are racist.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

Glad to see China — the most racist country on earth that’s running literal concentration camps right now — escaped the kind of haughty insinuations rife throughout this piece in this tiny little nugget of blame they received from VF.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

If you think everyone who was right before you is racist, maybe they were just right and you’re fucking brain damaged.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

Mostly it’s just sad that such a comprehensive piece has to be marred with cheap potshots. There have been a number of good in-depth pieces that also highlighted Trump’s lightning rod role in the investigation, and none this shameless and self righteous.

— Geoffrey Ingersoll (@GPIngersoll) June 3, 2021

My goodness this thread from @DailyCaller EIC @GPIngersoll is a thorough beatdown of the profession that largely decided to side with concentration camp-running China out of pure partisanship and hatred of Trump than finding out why millions of people have died from COVID.

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) June 3, 2021

“The idea of a lab leak first came to NSC officials not from hawkish Trumpists but from Chinese social media users …” Duh. This was obvious to anyone who paid attention to the South China Morning Post’s tweets early in the pandemic. U.S. media didn’t.

— Chris Mykrantz (@chrismykrantz) June 3, 2021

Oh, man. This is the most logically accurate, tell it like it is, honest tweet I’ve seen on this topic.
Dude. Thank you.

— Tiffanie (@TiffanieTx1) June 3, 2021

They blame Trump for failing to do their job and ask questions. TDS is a real thing. There’s no spectrum, either – they’re all off the charts.

— Robin Brown (@SoGalnSoCal) June 3, 2021

COVID was not the epidemic in this country, TDS was.

— Covfefe Fan 🇺🇸 ⛈ (@FanCovfefe) June 3, 2021

Shorter Vanity Fair: Trump was right but we didn’t like how he said it.

— 🌐 (@FauxctCheck) June 3, 2021

lol they’re literally admitting here that they dismissed glaring evidence because they’re neurotic psychos suffering from severe TDS. And that’s supposed to be Trump’s fault.


— MagnetoJesus (@JesusMagneto) June 3, 2021


‘Our CDC/Govt Scientific community completely failed us’: Vanity Fair publishes 11,000-word bombshell on the Wuhan lab-leak theory

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 3, 2021