SIBU: Two new clusters contributed to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the state, with 508 cases reported on Sunday (April 18).

The State Disaster Management Committee in a statement said the Jalan Bintulu-Sibu cluster near Tatau reported 11 cases.

The cluster involved a secondary school and residence at KM60 of the Jalan Bintulu-Sibu in Tatau district.

“The index case is a 16-year-old student who tested positive at the Tatau Health Clinic on April 10,” it said.

The committee believed the patient contracted the virus from the community and active case detection found another 10 infected.

A total of 546 individuals were screened, with 186 testing negative while another 349 are awaiting for results.

“The positive cases were referred to Bintulu Hospital for treatment while all boarding students at the school have been placed under lockdown,” it added.

The second Tarat Tani cluster involved a 39-year-old housewife who was detected positive at the Tarat Health Clinic on April 10.

The index case subsequently infected two of her children who are pupils of SK Tarat in Serian.

“From active case detection involving 320 individuals, 21 were positive for the virus,” it said.

One death was reported which involved a 58-year-old man who died on April 16 at Sibu Hospital.

He had comorbidities including high blood pressure, heart failure, chronic kidney failure, gout and dyslipidemia.

Of the 508 cases, Bintulu district had the most with 118, followed by Sibu (107), Miri (67), Kuching (44), Selangau (33), Kanowit (25), Sarikei (18), Subis (17), Kapit (13), Sebauh (11), Belaga (seven), Serian (six), Mukah (six), Meradong (six), Song (four), Pakan (three), Kabong (three), Beluru (three), Marudi (two), Sri Aman (two), Julau (two), Samarahan (two), Tatau (two), Bukit Mabong (two), Matu (one), Pusa (one), Asajaya (1), Betong (one) and Limbang (one).